There are a variety of fuels that are currently commercially available.  Many have been used in the past but have not obtained the desired combination of producing a higher heating value, low sulfur emissions, and significant savings.  WPWT,LLC has the answer:

Presenting WP4™

Patented by Western Petroleum Enterprises in 1998, with two additional Patent pendings.  It is composed of basic oil derivative products, with all the characteristics of a diesel.

In simple terms, WP4™ substitutes diesel while producing important benefits for the end users and the general public.


  Boiling Range

  Heating Value, BTU / lb

  Flash Point

  Viscosity cST @ 50° C

  Ash, wt %

  Sulfur, wt %

  Pour Point ° F

  Gravity at 60° F

Diesel Range

  175° F - 690° F


  110° F - 190° F






WP4™ Range

  17,000 - 19,500

  132 - 146° F

  3.00 - 6.88

  0.01 - 0.03

  0.2 - 0.6

  -15 to -60

  30.6 - 38.0

  1. Commercial and Industrial Production

  2. Home Heating

  3. Power-generation

WP4™ is a blended petroleum product that meets all of the emissions requirements of #2 Diesel and Heating Oil, while being:

  1. Much more efficient,

  2. Achieving better performance,

  3. Requiring less equipment maintenance, and

  4. Costing less per gallon.

WP4™ is a patented fuel comprised of basic oil derivative petroleum commodities.


WP4™ is ideal for many applications requiring #2 Diesel or Heating Oil, such as:

The sulfur content in WP4™ is approximately .5%, thus making it ideal for these and other non-automotive diesel applications.


Some of the Features and Benefits of WP4™ compared to #2 Oil are:

Efficiency & Performance:

  1. Up to 10% less in consumption

  2. More Stable Burn

  1. Less cost per gallon


  1. Meets or exceeds current EPA standards